One You. Many Clouds.


We advise without bias and speak in simple terms
about only the best cloud providers.

Where you are today vs. Where you want to go.

Cloud Assessment Discovery

We have clever people and clever software to discover your IT infrastructure and applications.

Cloud Assessment Recommendations

We provide a plan to remediate, map, migrate and manage your cloud environments.

Connect your digital infrastructure directly.
With any Public Cloud Provider.

Lower Cost

Reduced pricing for data retrieval and private connectivity security.

Improved Security

Directly connection to digital ecosystems with highly secure cloud enterprise strategies.

Choose the right public cloud provider.
Going beyond scale.


Keep data centres spread all over the world to protect vital customer data, to avoid single server point failures.

No Limit.

Take advantage of infinite space with public cloud and a true pay-as-you-go model.

Guaranteed resource availability with strong security and regulatory compliance.


It is also known as "Internal Cloud" hosted within an organisation's own data center.


Facilitates an exclusive cloud environment with full guarantee of privacy.

Welcome to Microsoft Office. Create. Communicate. Collaborate.

The tools you need.

Be more creative and achieve what matters.

Always up to date.

Get the latest Office app updates as they happen.

Dream. Deploy. Train.

Getting Started.

Giving users a broad overview of Office 365 basics.

Launch with a buzz.

High energy series of short demos to launch the platform to as many users as possible. In one day.

CloudCoCo can package 100% of applications and migrate to the cloud.

Assessment Workshop

Quickly and effectively collect detailed infrastructure needed for planning your Windows 10 migration.

Experts in Packaging Applications

Offering a full end to end service of factory packaging and testing for your application requirements.

How resilient is your business? CloudCoCo is here to ensure you’ll be covered against the unexpected

Backup as a Service

CloudCoCo’s backup solution can be set up in minutes and accessed nationally and globally.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

CloudCoCo’s DRaaS service will protect your company against the unforeseen and ensure your information and systems are always available no matter what




We provide cutting edge
technology as a service.
This is CloudCoCo V2.0

as a Service

as a Service

Phishing Protection

Personal SIEM





Rapid quotes and delivery to help
you buy any of the IT ‘stuff’
you need, from any manufacturer.