How CoLocation can create business advantage

How CoLocation can create an advantage for your business

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that data centres and colocation are not dead, though public cloud is not always the answer. Taking this into consideration, how can colocation services create business advantage and improve your bottom line?


What are the benefits of colocation and how secure is it?

Colocation allows companies to access specialised infrastructure and resources that they may not already have in their own facilities. Data centres that are designed for colocation offer features like redundant power, high-speed internet connectivity, robust security systems, and environmental controls that ensure reliable and secure operations for business.

Enabling scalability and flexibility, companies can easily expand their IT infrastructure by adding or removing servers and/or storage as needed without the cost and complexity of managing their own data centre. This allows businesses to respond quickly to changing market conditions and growing customer demands.


What happens if an unexpected accident occurs? Is my data lost forever?

Redundant power and cooling systems, backup generators, and advanced fire suppression mechanisms ensure uninterrupted operations. In the event of a natural disaster or service disruption, colocation facilities typically have comprehensive backup plans and redundancy measures in place to keep businesses running smoothly.


Be cost efficient

Opting for CloudCoCo’s services means that you only pay for the space and resources you use – no need to face unexpected costs or manage your own data centre. This reduces upfront costs, eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance expenses and allows your business to use their financial resources more strategically.

With a robust and scalable infrastructure, improved reliability and cost efficiency, our colocation services allow you to do what you do best and gain the competitive edge.


Interested in learning more? Arrange a chat with our Network Transformation Specialist, Dave Nicholson to find out how your business could benefit.


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