What you missed at our second event in our CloudVision series

On 29 February, CloudCoCo hosted the second instalment of its CloudVision event series, a collection of sessions and presentations designed to shed light on cloud transformation and cyber security in the current digital landscape.

Held at the prestigious Milbank LLP in central London, the event brought together tech industry experts alongside finance and law professionals to explore the latest advancements in cloud technology and security — exchanging knowledge and expertise.

As an MSP with a cloud-neutral approach, CloudCoCo and its trusted partners showcased a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance and streamline business IT infrastructure.


Charlie Wilson sets the stage

Kicking off the event, Charlie Wilson, senior enterprise solutions consultant at CloudCoCo, welcomed attendees with insights into the company's growth journey. With a turnover nearing £30 million, Charlie discussed how CloudCoCo has relied on innovation and adaptability in an ever-evolving landscape, and emphasised the diverse range of solutions on offer.


Demystifying IT security with Microsoft

David Morrow, security lead at Microsoft, took the stage to demystify the often daunting landscape of IT security. With a focus on leveraging technology for data-driven decision-making, he highlighted Microsoft's unparalleled expertise in safeguarding digital environments.

Drawing attention to the staggering 65 trillion threat signals processed daily, Morrow stressed how crucial proactive security measures are in an increasingly interconnected world. Additionally, he outlined the shared responsibility model in cloud security, promoting collaboration between businesses and service providers like Microsoft to ensure comprehensive protection.


Navigating cloud migration with Comms-care

Alex Parkinson, practice manager at Comms-care, explored cloud migration, presenting strategies for a seamless transition when it comes to digital transformation. Leveraging partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft and AWS, he highlighted the importance of strategic planning and native service adoption in order to maximise the benefits of cloud technology.

Addressing common barriers to growth, such as legacy infrastructure and skills gaps, Alex also offered practical insights into overcoming challenges and unlocking the full potential of cloud adoption.


Optimising cloud utilisation with AWS

Mark Lawrence, solutions architect at AWS, gave attendees a live demonstration of CloudCheckr, a powerful platform designed to help users optimise cloud utilisation. Highlighting the cost-saving benefits of the tool, Lawrence evidenced how businesses can identify and eliminate inefficiencies within their cloud infrastructure.

Attendees also learned about CloudCoCo's complimentary CloudCheckr diagnostic program, providing actionable recommendations to reduce costs and boost operational efficiency.


Maximising productivity with Microsoft 365 CoPilot

In his second presentation of the day, Alex Parkinson introduced Microsoft 365 CoPilot, a revolutionary personal assistant harnessing the power of generative AI. Alex demonstrated how CoPilot empowers users to reclaim valuable time, estimating that individuals could save up to three hours per day by using it. During the demo, Alex gave real-life examples of where he’d implemented the tool within his own work.

When asked about AI and human collaboration, Alex discussed CoPilot's role as a valuable ally in enhancing workplace efficiency, while also emphasising the indispensable human element of checking and validating its outputs.


Securing the cloud with CloudCoCo and Solace Cyber

Mark Allen, head of cyber at CloudCoCo, and Ian Miller of Solace Cyber took the stage to address the importance of cyber security. With threats evolving at an unprecedented pace, Mark and Ian highlighted the critical need for robust security measures and proactive incident response strategies.

By understanding the risks, fostering a culture of diligence, and partnering with trusted experts, businesses can maximise their security posture  and safeguard sensitive data from emerging threats.


Networking and beyond

Following the day of presentations, CloudCoCo invited attendees to network and unwind at The Drift, with drinks and light bites.

Attendee feedback evidenced that CloudVision II was a resounding success, and that the audience left with valuable, actionable insights and an understanding of what they need to follow up on. Now, we’re looking forward to the next instalment in the event series.


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