Identity and Access Management

Manage individual user access and privileges across your enterprise network easily with our best-practice solutions

Securely managing access to your crucial business IT resources


Many companies grant broad user access to the organisation’s IT infrastructure on a case-by-case basis, without limiting privileges for critical infrastructure or tracking their employees’ activity. This inconsistent handling of user access leads to potentially disastrous security events such as data theft and corporate espionage by disgruntled employees. However, CloudCoCo’s identity and access management services enable you to control and monitor user access and privileges with absolute precision.

We will create processes that give you total control over access and privilege for all the users on your business network. Create strong authentication protocols to raise the level of security and manage authorisation of access at a granular level to ensure your IT assets are always in the right hands. Centralised control of identity and access management means you can instantly suspend an employee’s access, which is important if they have been dismissed from the company.


Take control of your IT resources - ensure accountablity and fulfil compliance requirements.


Benefits of Implementing Access Management:


  • Reduces risk of data breaches, cyber attacks and insider threats
  • Helps organisations comply with relevant regulations such as GDPR
  • Reduces the time and effort required to manage user accounts, passwords, and access rights
  • Prevent downtime caused by unauthorised access attempts or system failures

With CloudCoCo’s identity and access management services, you can:

Customise authorisation by limiting access to different levels of your IT to specific employees

Implement secure authentication methods such as two-factor or multifactor authentication for enhanced security

Monitor and track employee behaviour to ensure proper use of IT resources

Suspend or remove access instantly to avoid theft or sabotage from malicious employees or ex-employees


Identity and access management is a set of processes and technologies that organisations use to manage user access to their IT resources. It involves verifying user identities, granting access privileges, and monitoring user activity to ensure security and compliance.

IAM is important because it helps organisations protect their IT resources from unauthorised access, data breaches, and cyber attacks. It also helps organisations ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards by managing access to sensitive data and systems.

Every organisation, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from IAM. If your organisation has valuable data, uses IT infrastructure to conduct business, or is subject to regulatory compliance requirements, then IAM is essential to protect your assets.