Assess & Discover

Comprehensive, in-depth assessments that set your business up for success

Transformative IT starts from the ground up

Even if your IT appears to be working correctly, issues and risks continually emerge and evolve, and often remain hidden until they become full-blown problems. Whether it’s a security issue at the policy level, overpaying for licensing or unreliable cloud connectivity, IT that is not regularly assessed for weaknesses will halt your operations, cost you extra money and frustrate your customers. CloudCoCo’s IT assessments and discoveries can prevent these problems.

We work closely with you to transform your IT into a competitive advantage. We don’t just try to find imperfect IT — we learn your business model, operational needs, required outcomes and strategic goals. In conjunction with complete IT assessments, we can measure how well your IT meets your goals, how you leverage it, how it impacts your business processes, how it's governed and more. This allows us to identify the most effective solutions, properly implement and maintain them and measure their impact.

Our assessments and discoveries lead to:

Risk minimisation with proactive solutions tailored to your requirements

Cost savings by eliminating unnecessary spending

More IT value with better asset management

Smarter decisions thanks to greater visibility and insight

Improved compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements

Two women in a data centre whilst looking at a screen which one of them is pointing at

Comprehensive assessments and discoveries mean that we can deliver:

  • A complete picture of all your strengths, vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Analysis of and improvements to your IT finances
  • Custom design, implementation and support of your technology
  • Strategic solutions that help you meet your business objectives and improve efficiency and productivity
  • Evaluations of your entire IT environment:
    • Administrative policies
    • Infrastructure
    • Cloud services
    • Mobile devices
    • Cybersecurity
    • Business continuity
    • Vendor management
    • And much more