LAN, WiFi & Analytics

Enterprise-grade networks and analytics solutions that help you run your business better

Let CloudCoCo optimise your network and watch productivity rise and internet headaches disappear

Your business needs a combination of wired and wireless connectivity and easy access for everyone on site, including guests. This allows you to quickly and securely share data, connect to your equipment (printers, scanners), work anywhere in the office and improve guest experiences. This can be achieved with wireless and local area networks, but finding the right provider to deliver and manage your custom network can be resource-draining and risky.

Let CloudCoCo help you overcome these challenges. With our top-class connectivity partners, we can upgrade your current network or engineer and swiftly install a new one that always delivers the performance, availability and security you need to reach your business goals. Combined with ongoing support and maintenance, your network will keep employees productive, clients happy, hackers out and you informed.

CloudCoCo LAN and Wi-Fi services can
help you achieve:

Cost savings pay less for licences, hardware and software with CloudCoCo

Peace of mind we can cover everything, from access point placement to policy settings to bandwidth throttling and more

Increased productivity proactive maintenance and 24/7 support for max uptime

Scalable networks strategic solutions tailored to your needs, physical space and future goals

Optimised security expertly configured firewalls, strict access controls, content filtering and more

Improved guest Wi-Fi easy logins, social media integrations and end-user data control for a hassle-free, comfortable experience

Get much more from your Wi-Fi than just internet access with our Purple WiFi analytics solutions

Deliver personalised experiences in your venue by better understanding and serving your customers with:

Comprehensive analytics including demographics, data usage, preferred browsers, location behaviours, SMS and email marketing performance and much more

Easier insights with a user-friendly, centralised dashboard to quickly access, analyse and code all your data and connect it to your other marketing systems

Intelligent spaces from location data like high-dwell areas, bottlenecks, queue lengths and footfall, to optimise your venue

More effective marketing with real-time, actionable data to drive campaigns based on customers’ location and behaviour

Transparent and GDPR-compliant data collection to keep your customers comfortable and protected