Fortinet Cyber Solutions from CloudCoCo

As a partner of Fortinet, we have been delivering their full security fabric solutions to our clients for many years.

We offer the full range of solutions protecting your organisation from the evolving threat landscape.

Our approach provides a “single pane of glass” solution where you can view, manage and address any cyber threats regardless of the type of device a user has, the Public Cloud provider being used or whether your applications and data are held in an onsite data centre.

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The Fortinet solutions are industry leading and always changing to keep pace with the cyber criminals.

Fortinet’s solutions from CloudCoCo gives a holistic view of your cyber defences and orchestrates responses to detected threats.

Their solutions have been widely adopted and here are some of the reasons why…


The Impact of Digital Innovation

The last 10 years has seen an explosion in digital innovation and cloud adoption by businesses across all sectors.

This digital expansion has driven many positive changes in the way we work and ensuring businesses have been resilient and able to adapt to any challenges.

The digital drive has allowed organisations to reaching new markets across the globe, launching new offerings faster than ever before, continue to improve operational efficiency whilst also improving the user experience.

However, the move to digital has increased the number of ways a cybercriminals can potentially attack organisations.

Some of the ways cyber criminals now look to exploit vulnerabilities and damage organisations include:

1. Remote Workers

Since 2020, many organisations have begun to increase the time people spend working at home vs. the office.

2. Edge/Cloud Computing

The transition to the cloud is now fully underway and more applications are run from the cloud than ever before.

3. Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The number of smart and connected devices has increased to support the modernisation of businesses.

4. Network Edge Explosion

The number of entry points to secure networks has increased as has the number of potential vulnerabilities.

5. Threat Landscape

The number of ‘bad actors’ or cyber criminals has increased, become organised and sometimes weaponised by state sponsors.

6. User Expectations

End users and customers expect there to be zero downtime.

An anonymous man wearing a hoodie with their back to the audience and hacking screens

Explosion of Edges

For cyber-Criminals to access a corporate network or data, they need to exploit a vulnerability at the perimeter of the network, this is called the “edge”.

It has become harder in modern organisations to monitor and control who can access the network and ensuring these edge points are protected. In response, many organisations have deployed a plethora of point security solutions to protect themselves.

However, this approach has increased the burden placed on already over stretched IT departments and caused the number of incidents to rise. This in turn has required further investigation from different solutions and requires an increase of staff in the IT teams to manage the workloads.

With minimal integration and automation, the result is a ‘complex to manage’ security approach with uncontrollable costs, only set to increase.

When a cyber threat does take place, organisations can be slow to respond, and a new approach is therefore required quickly.

The Fortinet Security Fabric, delivered and managed by CloudCoCo provides a cohesive platform approach, can be deployed in a granular or big bang approach, and is based on a flexible licencing model to allow organisations to reduce and grow their solution as their business needs change.

The Kill Chain – The Need For Speed To Stop The Attackers In Their Tracks

As cyber-attacks have evolved and become more complex, the way in which an organisation responds to a new type of threat needs to change.

When a threat is detected, the speed in which an organisation responds is key to minimising the impact and potential damage that the attack can cause.

Every minute of delay could allow a potential cyber threat to spread through your whole network, devices, applications, and the data stored within.

To keep pace, Fortinet has developed the ‘Kill Chain’ framework working with Lockheed Martin and adopted by CloudCoCo.

The purpose of the Kill Chain is to identify a potential threat before, or as the attack is taking place and will ensure the appropriate steps are taken to stop the attack immediately in its tracks.

There are 3 stages to the Kill Chain Framework


  • Reconnaissance - Harvesting and identify their next target, looking for personal data like email addresses, conference information, IP addresses, user identities.
  • Weaponisation - Once a target is identified, the attacker starts preparing and staging the attack by coupling exploits with an identified backdoor into a “deliverable payload”.
  • Delivery - The criminal now needs to discover where your network edge has vulnerabilities they can exploit allowing them to deliver the attack. This could be done via email (Phishing Attack), USB sticks, network backdoors.

Commence the attack

  • Exploitation - The malicious code finds a vulnerability in an organisations defences in order to initiate itself.
  • Installation - The threat is installed onto the device, server.

Reap the rewards from the attack

  • Command and Control - The cybercriminal now has a command channel to control the cyber threat
  • Action on Objectives - The cybercriminal can now cause damage, extort or hold data to ransom demanding large payments before restoring the data.
An infographic containing information regarding the kill-chain
The globe with various data lines coming off of it, pointing to other places in the world

The Problem & Solution

The problem organisations now face is the need to put in place the right solution to protect themselves now and in the future.

Due to the “Cyber War Arms Race”, the evolving threats organisations now need to address include;

  • More vulnerability - digital transformation, Cloud migration, SaaS adoption and remote working has expanded the network perimeter and physically dispersed the attack surface – and Explosion of Edges compromising on-premises data centre, Cloud, SaaS, BYOD endpoints and IoT devices.
  • Increased menace - advanced threat landscape - such as zero-day (previously unknown) threats, traditional signature-based malware detection increasingly ineffective
  • Greater complexity - Greater security solution ecosystem complexity & cost – multi-vendor point products that don’t share threat intelligence, manual security operations compounded by a lack of skilled security resource result in poor defence / slow response / increased risk.
  • Ensuring compliance - Increasing regulatory demands, data protection regulation and ICO fines

CloudCoCo is your solution. With our Cyber Security services, we are positioned and ready to deliver a Broad, Integrated and Automated Security platform;

  • Integrated for lower cost & complexity - unified security architecture, consistent security policy & reduced security complexity – the Fortinet Security Fabric
  • Protection and visibility from the endpoint to everywhere - end-to-end across the attack surface, centrally configured, managed & monitored, with real-time sharing of threat intelligence, for improved risk management – through Zero Trust Network Access, Security-driven Networking and Adaptive Cloud Security with shared threat intelligence
  • Automated for pro-active quick & effective threat response and containment – agile security operations & incident response through ML-based advanced security orchestration, automation & response capabilities as well as proactive threat detection & correlation – through AI-based Security Operations