Private Cloud

Guaranteed resource availability with strong security and regulatory compliance

Harness the power of all your assets in a cloud server dedicated to your needs and goals

Most businesses are moving some or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud because of the massive benefits to efficiency, security and IT spending. However, many businesses like government agencies, financial institutions and other mid- to large-sized enterprises require a higher degree of control and security than you get in a public cloud environment. That’s where a private cloud server from CloudCoCo comes in.

Your organisation will enjoy all the benefits of a public cloud like scalability, operational efficiency, agility and cost savings, but on a completely private server and network, without sharing resources. This means you get maximum control by being able to customise the cloud environment to all your specific needs. All your systems, software and processes will be fine-tuned towards the same goals, unlocking their full potential and driving your success.

With complete control over your private server, you can better leverage the benefits of cloud computing and build on the progress you’ve already made

With us as your private cloud provider, you’ll enjoy:

Easy scalability

to expand or reduce your storage space and computing resources to meet demand

Improved security and compliance with multilayered cyber defences and granular access and retention policy control

A completely customisable infrastructure whether you need a private or a hybrid cloud environment, on-premises or off-site

Peace of mind knowing you have an always available infrastructure and bulletproof data backups

Increased productivity and mobility by working and collaborating from any location on any device


It’s a type of cloud architecture whose resources and services are built for and dedicated solely to a single organisation.

Authorised users can access a company’s private cloud systems by logging in to the company’s private network on a web-based interface from any internet-connected device.

It allows employees to access computer programs and files over the internet, rather than using a computer's hard drive. These resources exist on hardware that is stored either on-site at the business or hosted by a third party at an off-site data centre.