Mitel Telephony, Maintenance & Support

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Let us transform your Mitel equipment into a unique operational advantage


While ever-evolving telecom technologies like Mitel can improve your operations, they also complicate your IT environments, need regular maintenance and require specialised expertise.

With Mitels software assurance and CloudCoCo's experienced team covering not only the latest Mitel cloud solutions but also Mitels on premise systems including the former legacy products from the Aastra and Ericsson range we can guide you to ensure your achieve an ROI and when the time is right for you, transition to the cloud.

Contact CloudCoCo. For years, we have been keeping UK companies productive and ahead of the telecom curve with our comprehensive maintenance and support for all their Mitel systems and devices. Whether they are cloud-based, on-premises or across multiple locations, our experts will deliver and continually optimise the custom Mitel solutions that meet your changing telecom needs and help you reach your business goals efficiently.


A happy man holding a pen is using a headset to speak to someone in a call centre

Rest easy knowing we cover all aspects of your Mitel telecom
with our:

  • Proactive maintenance to keep you up to date with the latest features
  • Comprehensive solutions for mobile, contact centres, collaboration and more
  • Certified Mitel engineers
  • Real-time network monitoring for continuous improvement
  • User-friendly customer portal and rapid response
  • Flexible support plans to meet your unique needs
  • Remote monitoring and management for quick issue resolution across locations and devices

UK businesses of all types choose our Mitel Maintenance and Support because it leads to:

Increased productivity with maximum system uptime and zero maintenance burdens

Better user and customer experiences with simplified, high-quality communication

Peace of mind - your Mitel systems will always work when you need them to

Minimised risk with our ongoing audits and strategic consultation

Lower costs by eliminating unnecessary spending and proactively preventing expensive problems


Mitel telephony service maintenance is essential to ensure that your communication system is running smoothly and efficiently. It helps to prevent downtime, improve performance, and keep your system up to date with the latest features.

Cloudcoco offers comprehensive support during Mitel telephony service maintenance, including technical assistance and guidance through the entire process.

During a maintenance check, the technical team will review the system's performance, identify any potential issues, and make necessary upgrades and updates to ensure optimal performance.