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Secure Global Learning Access

What is Secure Global Learning Access

Why CloudCoCo for Secure Global Learning Access

In these uncertain times, now more than ever global learning is becoming increasingly prevalent.

As times change and some industries are hit heavily by the international COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are seeking to re-skill, and are turning back to education as a starting point for a brand new career.

Held in high regard for its esteemed universities and other renowned learning institutions, the UK has always been an education destination that international students from all around the world have sought out to pursue higher learning.

Online international learning was already becoming increasingly popular, but the pandemic has meant learning over the Internet has become de rigueur for many students nowadays.

All that's needed is an Internet connection and a device suitable for engaging with the digital learning environment.

Another reason that online international learning has seen a rapid rise in popularity is connected to the fact that the technology required to set up an online learning framework is becoming cheaper, more secure, and faster.

It's often currently the case that students from abroad seeking to move to the UK to study are not physically able to do so owing to travel restrictions implemented by the government in face of the pandemic.

Secure global learning services grants students around the world access to a digital learning environments, in whichever country they happen to reside.

Why is Secure Global Learning Important?

As with any kind of online technology, there is always the risk that malicious agents such as scammers and hackers will seek to expose vulnerabilities within a network or application which is used by students for online global learning.

As such, it's vital that the digital learning environment is secured against any potential threats which could lead to breaches, data loss, or costly downtime.

A secure global learning environment is designed to safeguard students and their data whilst they are pursuing higher learning online.

How is Secure Global Learning Achieved?

Secure Global Learning Services can be facilitated via an application which is installed on the student's device.

There are then various security measures and frameworks which can be set up to encrypt information and keep data secured.

For example, firewalls can join remote locations via the cloud for swift and secure access.

Many providers of secure global learning solutions will offer a support desk to keep an eye on data logs and other activity whilst also providing assistance to IT teams at the educational facility.

As with most problems we have faced in 2020, time has not been on our side. That is why CloudCoCo,
alongside Fortinet, have been working tirelessly to ensure any student regardless of
their location is able to study.



Partnership with leading global network suppliers

To enable international students to continue their education at UK universities, CloudCoCo, working with leading global organisations, have jointly created our Secure Global Learning Access Service.



A more secure and reliable connection

The Secure Global Learning Access Service provides a secure remote connection bypassing any in country firewalls and ensuring a student’s learning experience is maintained. This includes low latency, high quality video streaming using services like Microsoft Teams, G Suite and YouTube.



Secure Global Learning Access Delivers

The service has been built to ensure a continued learning experience no matter the location. There are 2 ‘offerings’ available.

  • Option 1 - Students studying from Mainland China
  • Option 2 - Students studying anywhere in the world (excluding Mainland China)



Together we are stronger, together we can beat anything

We have built our ground-breaking student remote access solution, allowing through a single service students across the world from China to India to the USA will be able to connect and learn without any limitations on their experience.

Our service will be delivered and live before the new term starts and we are here to support you however is needed to ensure the “Learning Will Continue”.

What are the Advantages of Secure Global Learning?

Secure global learning can help an educational facility to improve its reach to students all around the world.

As well as maintaining access for existing students who are unable to physically attend a campus or other physical learning facility, secure global learning can also be a draw for new students.

A solid and reputable secure global learning provider will reflect well on the reputation of a learning institution and also serve to make the digital learning experience more user-friendly, faster, and safer for students.

All of this will reflect very well on a learning institution's brand.

Can Secure Global Learning be Implemented Worldwide?

For the most part, yes. In countries where IP security and Internet censorship is a concern, it may be necessary to implement a virtual private network or VPN which works in conjunction with the learning application to provide safe and secure access for the learner.

What Aspects of Education can be Provided by Secure Global Learning?

Secure global learning enables educational institutions such as universities to provide much of the same content that they would on campus, but in a digital environment which is accessed via an application on the learner's device such as their laptop or tablet.

Some of the learning solutions that secure global learning can deliver include interactive teaching sessions, streaming of lectures, and online libraries for students to check out digital textbooks, coursework, and other learning materials.

What Challenges can Secure Global Learning Overcome?

When many students are connected at the same time, there can be issues with Internet speed.

It's therefore important that a secure global learning solution is able to anticipate and cater to a large number of connected users simultaneously.

Ideally, secure global learning should integrate dynamic scalability as more students flock to online learning environments in the face of travel restrictions.

As we've mentioned before, some countries may also have restrictive Internet access laws in place, so it's important that a secure global learning solution is able to implement a workaround in such cases.

As well as offering a solution for new students to learn globally, secure global learning also grants a lifeline to existing students whose studies have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Benefits does Secure Global Learning Offer for Students?

We've heard of working from home becoming the new normal; even as many countries begin to emerge from lockdown, many organisations have realised it is more cost-effective and convenient to have employees working remotely wherever possible.

The same can be said of online learning; in many instances it is beneficial to both the learning institution and the student for the learning environment to be a virtual one.

The benefits for students are numerous; they can learn conveniently from home without having to commute, and they can also set their own learning hours for many things.

For example, lectures can be recorded and accessed at the student's convenience, as well as being streamed live to enable learner participation and interaction between students and teachers.

What Benefits does Secure Global Learning Offer for Educational Institutions?

As well as spelling good news for students, a secure global learning environment can also be beneficial to the educational facility that is hosting the learning.

As universities and other institutions scale back on actual physical on-campus learning, the cost of running and maintaining a learning facility is diminished.

There are of course still costs associated with doing things virtually, but it's likely the case that these will be less than those associated with the cost of managing an actual campus and all its accumulative running costs such as electricity, rent, janitorial expenses and the like.

Secure global learning is an exciting, innovative, and promising technology for learners and educators alike.

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