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  • Do you lack an IT strategy that supports the future growth of your organisation?
  • Are you experiencing unwanted down time for your systems?
  • Are you struggling to find an IT Provider you can trust?

Please have a look at the questions above, and if you answer ‘yes’ to just one, please call our 24/7 IT helpdesk today on 0333 455 9885 and speak to our team of UK Managed IT Service Experts.

Harrogate Managed IT Services, why choose CloudCoCo?

So, your monthly IT costs are growing rapidly and you’re not sure if your business is up to date with all your Cloud Data requirements or the latest advances on cyber security.

There’s an answer and light at the end of the tunnel, as our super-efficient IT solutions are safe and secure giving you the peace of mind that quality, price and service will never to be compromised.

Outsource your IT to CloudCoCo and we’ll manage remotely with our UK IT expertise, friendly, responsive and highly knowledgeable staff.

Our IT Support services ensure your technology is always up to date and in turn will help your Harrogate business grow even more smoothly with peak performance 24/7 IT Support Helpdesk.

This allows your employees to focus on more strategic responsibilities, and not suffer any IT issues.

No matter what problems arise, our IT support specialists will quickly solve them, so you enjoy maximum operational efficiency and employee productivity.

Outsource your business IT

If you are looking for a powerful and efficient UK IT Support Provider delivering services in Harrogate and you’re a Business or Public Sector Department based in Harrogate, or the surrounding areas then why not outsource your IT Support to our UK leading IT Experts here at CloudCoCo.

We can help secure your networks and pave the way for your business IT to grow with you.

We’ll save you both time and money and we never compromise on delivering our highly professional IT service from our team of experts.

Our goal is to ensure your IT support runs cost effectively and extremely smoothly priding ourselves at the same time on delivering outstanding customer care, support and satisfaction.

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These advantages are critical to staying competitive in today’s technology-driven market, where businesses are always trying to achieve more with less.

Don’t overspend in your business when it comes to IT. Poor IT support holds you back by slowly solving your IT problems without addressing the root causes.

This can drain the business of time, efficiency, security and money.

CloudCoCo, however, will ensure you stay ahead with fast, effective IT support that helps your productivity and balance sheet.

IT Support in Harrogate and the surrounding towns and cities

Please contact us today if you’re looking for IT support and Managed IT services in Harrogate and the surrounding areas.

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We would love to help your business grow by putting the necessary IT solutions in place to pave the way for your growth and success.

One of our goals is to protect your business at the same time with the latest UK Cybersecurity Technology. Please get in touch with us today.

Harrogate IT Support Services that we can help you with

Here you can find a list of all the services we can provide to business and the public sector all across Harrogate and the surrounding cities and areas to help support your IT.

CloudCoCo are recognised as a UK market leader for outsourcing IT services.

Managed IT Services

Focus on growing your business with worry-free IT management and 24/7 IT support

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Cloud & Data Centre

Maximise operational efficiency and data security while minimising hardware costs

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Communication & Collaboration

Make your business communications more reliable, efficient and affordable

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Professional Services & IT Consulting

Maintain a powerful business advantage with strategic, results-driven technology

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Hardware & Software

Get maximum value out of all your IT assets without lifting a finger

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Optimise and future-proof your network, no matter your location, devices or growth rate

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Make all your attack vectors impenetrable and business compliant 24/7/365

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Stay ahead of the curve with next-gen, cloud-based infrastructure services and productivity software

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We support Business IT growth in Harrogate

CloudCoCo are leading the future in the IT industry and all across the UK as well as Harrogate.

We are committed to helping your business grow with IT. Our team live and breathe IT support and can easily conduct a security assessment or cost analysis to show you how much money you really can save.

As well and being a UK accredited Microsoft Gold Partner , we also offer through our platforms unrivalled managed IT services

Our passion is always to provide business security and protect you against the risks of cyber-attacks as well as deliver the best IT support service for all businesses and local authorities across Harrogate.

More Helpful Information About Harrogate

Harrogate is located in North Yorkshire and is famous for its natural springs and was the first town in the UK to have the word and title Spa added to its name.

As well as it’s natural spring it is also well known for its floral excellence and all the towns parks and green spaces are extremely well kept.

RHS Harlow Carr Gardens are one of five gardens looked after by the Royal Horticultural Society.

In the seventeenth century High Harrogate and Low Harrogate came together to form one town and for three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015 the town was voted the happiest place to live in Britain.

The population at the last count in 2011 was at 73, 576 but the Borough of Harrogate which includes Knaresborough and Ripon has a population of 157,869.

Early History

Harrogate developed after the discovery of the natural spring water rich in iron, sulphur, and salt in the sixteenth century.

Medicinal properties were believed to be in the water and attracted many visitors helping the economy to thrive.

A Georgian theatre was built in 1788, Bath Hospital in 1826 and a Royal Pump in 1842 to accommodate the visitors.

Samson Fox invented water gas in 1870 and his home became the first to be lit up and warmed by this type of energy.

He built a plant to supply Harrogate and Parliament Street became the world’s first road to be lit up by water gas. He then donated a fire engine to the town, its first and built the towns theatre.

He is a significant figure in Harrogate’s history as he also went on to be the mayor.

During the Second World War Harrogate’s largest hotels became offices for the government and it was this move that paved the way for the town to become a commercial, exhibition and conference centre.

Former big employers in the town were the Milk Marketing Board, ICI, Central Electricity Generating Board. In the 1950’s at laboratories based at Hornbeam Park, Crimplene was invented.

The Harrogate Hoard was discovered by two metal detectorist enthusiasts in 2007.

The hoard was a Viking treasure hoard and contained 700 coins and other items that came from as far away as Afghanistan.

Now at the British Museum they were described as the most significant find for 150 years.

Economy and Business

Harrogate International Centre is the third largest fully integrated conference and exhibition centre in the UK, so it is no surprise that its main industry source is in this sector.

It draws visitors from Europe too as it is also one of the largest in Europe.

Bringing in £150 million to the local economy every year and around 350,000 visitors annually too.

Other major conference centres here are Great Yorkshire Showground (the hub of regional agriculture industry, the Great Yorkshire Show, Countryside Living and the Harrogate Flower Shows) and the Pavilions of Harrogate.

Big companies that have settled here are, Yorkshire Tea, Taylors of Harrogate, Harrogate Spring Water, Farrah’s Toffee, Harrogate Blue and Debbie and Andrews.

Harrogate District Council have in place an Economic Growth Strategy for Harrogate District which means by 2035 they wish to not only support and strengthen the existing business in the district but to help develop the new start-ups in turn strengthening the local economy.

Harrogate prides itself on high levels of employment, vibrant urban centres with retail vacancy rates, a well-qualified population, good strategic location with the A1 Road, a high business start-up rate, strong tourism brand, superfast broadband infrastructure, some world leading businesses in key sectors, strong rural community, and a thriving visitor economy.


With creative and digital sector in Harrogate having grown 14% between 2012 and 2018 they have formed the group Harrogate Digital which is a networking, information, and events group to further support this sector.

Digital businesses are also supported by Harrogate’s Digital Investment Fund and could qualify from funding of up to £50,000.


Harrogate’s local newspaper has been around since 1836, Harrogate Advertiser which is part of the Ackrill Media Group.

The Harrogate Informer publishes news online and covers the whole district.

Local commercial radio station is Greatest Hits Radio and BBC Radio York.

Notable celebrity names from Harrogate or living there are,

  • Oliver Dingley and Jack Laugher – Olympic Divers
  • Gerald FInzi – composer
  • David Nobbs – author and screenwriter
  • Hugo Speer – actor
  • Olly Alexander – singer and musician
  • Peter McCormick – Chairman of the Premier League


The Yorkshire Dales National Park is only thirteen miles from Harrogate and Nidderdale which is hailed as an area of outstanding beauty.

If you are visiting, there is plenty of green space to visit.
The Valley Gardens is the main park and there is so much to it. Originally where two of the springs were discovered there is, an ice cream parlour, children’s play area, outdoor paddling pool, a skate park, frisbee golf, crazy golf and mini golf, tennis courts, and a bowling green.

The Stray is another, this is open parkland in the centre of the town and is 200 acres of protected land. RHS Harlow Carr Gardens and the Crescent Gardens is smaller space surrounded by Harrogate’s main tourist attractions.

These attractions are worth noting, The Royal Pump Room, Royals Baths, and the Royal Hall.


High Street shopping is mainly on Cambridge Street, Oxford Street, Beulah Street, and St James Street. Boutiques and independents can be found on Parliament Street and Commercial Street.


Manufacturing is not something Harrogate is known for however there is some activity in the town.

MNR Sportscar for example is a kit car manufacturer, a company launch by ex-racing driver Marc Norton in 1998 and they are the leading manufacturer of hand-built kit cars in Europe.

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