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Milton Keynes Managed IT Services, why choose CloudCoCo?

So, your monthly IT costs are growing rapidly and you’re not sure if your business is up to date with all your Cloud Data requirements or the latest advances on cyber security.

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Outsource your business IT

If you are looking for a powerful and efficient IT Support Provider delivering services in Milton Keynes, you’re a Business or Public Sector Department based in Milton Keynes, or even the surrounding areas then outsource your IT Support to our UK leading IT Support Experts here at CloudCoCo.

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These advantages are critical to staying competitive in today’s technology-driven market, where businesses are always trying to achieve more with less.

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IT Support in Milton Keynes and the surrounding towns and cities

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We would love to help your business grow by putting the necessary IT solutions in place to pave the way for your growth and success.

One of our goals is to protect your business at the same time with the latest UK Cybersecurity Technology. Please get in touch with us today.

Milton Keynes IT Support Services that we can help you with

Here you can find a list of all the services we can provide to business and the public sector all across Milton Keynes and the surrounding cities and areas to help support your IT.

CloudCoCo are recognised as a UK market leader for outsourcing IT services.

Managed IT Services

Focus on growing your business with worry-free IT management and 24/7 IT support

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Cloud & Data Centre

Maximise operational efficiency and data security while minimising hardware costs

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Communication & Collaboration

Make your business communications more reliable, efficient and affordable

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Professional Services & IT Consulting

Maintain a powerful business advantage with strategic, results-driven technology

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Hardware & Software

Get maximum value out of all your IT assets without lifting a finger

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Optimise and future-proof your network, no matter your location, devices or growth rate

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Make all your attack vectors impenetrable and business compliant 24/7/365

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Stay ahead of the curve with next-gen, cloud-based infrastructure services and productivity software

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We support Business IT growth in Milton Keynes

CloudCoCo are leading the future in the IT industry and all across the UK as well as Milton Keynes.

We are committed to helping your business grow with IT. Our team live and breathe IT support and can easily conduct a security assessment or cost analysis to show you how much money you really can save.

As well and being a UK accredited Microsoft Gold Partner , we also offer through our platforms unrivalled managed IT services

Our passion is always to provide business security and protect you against the risks of cyber-attacks as well as deliver the best IT support service for all businesses and local authorities across Milton Keynes.

Helpful Information About Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a town that did not exist fifty years ago! In the 1960’s the government decided that a new town was needed to deal with the housing congestion in London, so it took

Bletchley, Fenny, Stafford, Wolverton and Stony Stratford and around fifteen villages in between and created Milton Keynes.

Situated fifty miles from London and at the last count in 2011 the population was 230,000, before the urbanisation of the area only 40,000 lived in these areas.

A very green town with 25% of the urban area is parks or woodland with its linear parks and balancing lakes.

Early History

There are records from the area going back to the Neolithic age. The Milton Keynes Hoard is a collection of Bronze Age Jewellery found in a field near Monkston in 2000.

More specifically there were two torcs, three bracelets and a fragment of bronze rod inside a pottery vessel and dated from around 1150 BC.

The hoard was valued at £290,000 and is now on display at the British Museum.

Before the urbanisation of the area there were extensive archaeological investigations made and they found evidence of settlements from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Normans, Medieval times, and the Industrial Revolution.

Bletchley Park is now very well known as the site where the World War II code breaking occurred and the world’s first electronic digital computer, Colossus, was born there too.

Economy and Business

The Open University has its headquarters in Milton Keynes and are based in the Walton Hall district, this is a distant learning facility so therefore the only students on the campus are the fulltime postgraduates.

Other major companies based there are Argos, Domino’s Pizza, Marshall Amplification, Mecedes-Benz, Volkswagen Group, Red Bull Racing, Network Rail, and Yamaha Music Europe.

The major employers in the town are Santander UK and the Open University.

Economically Milton Keynes is very successful with it ranked highly in the UK. It holds the UK’s fifth highest number of start-ups, with around 90% of businesses there in the service industry and 9% manufacturing.

75% of people in the town are employed, 8.3% of which are self-employed. Wholesale and retail are the largest sectors.


Unity Place is a tech hub project launched by Santander which is set to become a huge tech centre that will support 6,000 jobs.

In 2017 Milton Keynes became the fastest growing town taking the mantel from Cambridge so big tech companies moved there, VMware, Xero, Amazon, T-Systems, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, Cisco, Apple, Bosch, Oracle, the list is extensive.

Milton Keynes has a specialist tech centre too, an operation al base for research businesses like Red Bull Racing, Prodrive, IMS Evolve, and Cityfibre.

Milton Keynes has embraced emerging technologies and you can find wireless bus charging, contactless robot developing, self-driving cars and dock less bikes!

The Town

Milton Keynes has bid for city status three times, 2000, 2002 and 2012 but has not been successful yet. Despite this Milton Keynes is often referred to as a city as its population is in six figures and is in fact larger than Oxford or Cambridge.

It has become home to many major UK businesses, has a major railway station and is the largest city in its county of Buckinghamshire.

The original concept for the design of the city was to make it a ‘forest city’ and so twenty million trees were planted across the urban landscape.

There is an extensive network of shared paths throughout the city, 200 miles of them to be precise, and these are for leisure cyclists and pedestrians.


Heart East is the local commercial radio station which runs alongside two community radio stations, MKFM and Secklow 105.5. BBC Three Counties Radio is the local BBC station.

TV stations are BBC East and Anglia TV.

There is only one local newspaper, Milton Keynes Citizen which is free to residents and was only launched in 2019.

Notable people from the town are found here.

  • Dele Alli – footballer
  • Craig Pickering – sprinter
  • Greg Rutherford – long jumper
  • Alan Turing – lived there whilst working at Bletchley Park
  • Clare Nasir – meteorologist
  • Kevin Whatley – actor
  • Adam Ficek – drummer of band Babyshambles


The Bowl is a huge draw for tourism, a former clay pit turned amphitheatre that has a capacity to hold 65,000 people.

It was opened in 1978 and has a permanent stage erected but otherwise this is all open-air grassland. Queen, Status Quo, Green Day, The Prodigy and Metallica have all performed there.

In 2000 Xscape was opened and is now a major feature on the Milton Keynes skyline, forty-four meters high makes it the second tallest building after Mellish Court.

It has a whooping 170 metre long real snow ski slope inside and a sixteen screen cinema, and a huge climbing wall alongside retail outlets and restaurants.

In terms of visitors to the town there is so much to come to Milton Keynes for, 1,400 seat theatre, an art gallery, two multiplex cinemas, a 400 seat concert hall, a 30,500 seated football stadium, the indoor ski slope, and open air Bowl complex.


Centre:mk, Midsummer Place and Xscape are major retail malls. In central Milton Keynes there is an open-air market that has fifty stalls operating at it and it is open five days a week!

Many independent shops are based in the districts of Stony Stratford, Newport Pagnell, and Olney high streets.

MK1 is a large retail park and is host the largest supercentre Asda in the UK.

Frosts garden centre on the outskirts of Milton Keynes is no ordinary garden centre, it does have all you need for the garden plus other retail and two restaurants to choose from.


The manufacturing sector in Milton Keynes only makes up 9% of the businesses there with the 81% being service based industries.

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