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3 holes in your IT Security when working from home

March this year was a blur to many. That had nothing to do with a famous Mexican beer but the fact that we all started the journey of learning to work from home full time. Webinars, zoom meetings, video calls we all learnt a thing a two about being more productive when working from home.

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Why hyperconvergence could be the solution your business needs

For many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), resources can be scarce and, very often, IT takes a back seat. Hyperconverged IT infrastructures are a great way to keep your IT updated without the heavy expenses normally associated with it. What are hyperconverged infrastructures? In a traditional IT environment, networking, server, and storage hardware need to […]

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Why more businesses should virtualize

Not too long ago, cloud apps and platforms were the answer to IT efficiency. Today, virtualization is the solution everyone is talking about. And as a business owner, you probably want to know if virtualization can improve your business’s processes.

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Difficulties when backing up a virtual server

Many small businesses have embraced data virtualization over the past few years. And as with any kind of business data, virtualized data needs to be protected from disaster, cybercrime, and human error and, therefore, needs backup. When backing up your virtualized data, there are some most common difficulties you need to prepare for.

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