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Who are Lenovo?

Lenovo Group Ltd is a Chinese company based in the capital of Beijing with operational sites in Morrisville, Carolina in the United States and Singapore.

Lenovo is an industry leader and has been operating since 1984, with incorporation happening four years later in 1988 in Hong Kong.

The company was founded by Lui Chuanzhi and a team of ten more engineers who came from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

By 1988 they had hired 58 employees all with the average age of 26. One of the early successes for Lenovo was the mainframe computer KT8920 and they developed the first IBM computer compatible circuit board that could process Chinese characters.

In 1996 Lenovo became the Chinese market leader, from there they released their own personal computer in 1998, the Tianxi.

This cleverly designed computer was aimed at the Chinese market that were inexperienced with computers.

Lenovo had teamed up with China Telcom and the key feature was a button that instantly connected you to the internet bringing up a web page.

It is still today the bestselling computer in Chinese history.

Lenovo, originally called Legend spent nearly £2 million pounds on an eight-week rebranding campaign in 2000.

The new name came from a mix of ‘Le’ from Legend and ‘novo’ meaning new.

Lenovo changed its name from Legend as they wanted to expand outside the Chinese market and there were too many other companies with the same name across the business world.

In 2005 Lenovo made the bold move to acquire the IBM personal computers division for $1.25 billion dollars making them the world’s third largest computer maker in that decade.

From here Lenovo formed a joint venture with Japanese electronics company NEC in 2011, and in the same year acquired German electronics company Medion.

2012 saw Lenovo acquire Brazilian electronics company Digibras which sells products under the name CCE.

Their next move was to improve software technology so then bought US based software company Stoneware in 2012.

A clever move as now they had access to new technology and more specifically cloud based services.

From 2013 Lenovo was the largest seller of personal computers in the world operating in 60 countries and selling in 160 countries which by 2016 generated more than $43 billion dollars. In the same year Lenovo had a very respectable 60,000 employees making Lenovo a giant player in this industry.

Lenovo is involved in the production and sales of servers, personal computers, smart phones and smart televisions, and a series of laptops.

Lenovo Laptops

Unlike the powerful workstations from Lenovo their laptops are more versatile in that they can be carried around and are black and boxlike in design, this though does not mean the power inside these smaller computing machines is minimised.

The Lenovo laptop range no matter which model you choose across the wide range available are impressive, fast, affordable, and reliable.

There is such a diverse range in their collection; IdeaPad, ThinkPad, Winbook, Yoga amongst them all of them suitable for many different purposes and requirements.

The flagship Lenovo laptop is the ThinkPad series and the first of the these were released in 1992. The biggest and most well-known fact about this is that they have been to outer space and for many years they were the only laptops certified with the International Space Station.

The design of these ThinkPad laptops is highly recognisable with their solid black and boxy (although some newer models are now curved) look based on the Japanese bento box; you need to open them to find the goodies! Not surprising then that the ‘Father of the ThinkPad’ is a Japanese engineer and product designer Arimasa Naitoh.

These are well known for being solid, high performing computers that are perfect for any business, they feature slim design spill-resistant keyboard, security protected features and they are manufactured to be strong in build.

Very recently Lenovo have released information on a collection of brand-new laptops designed more for the education sector to be released in May and June this year.

The key unique selling point here to note is cost, these laptops start at as little as $299.

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Lenovo Workstations

Anything released by Lenovo is innovative and forward thinking as from their beginning they have always had their fingers on the pulse which can be seen in the expansion of the company across the years.

Lenovo seemed to acquire or partner other companies at the top of their game in their fields so they could hold their positions in the market, with this in mind it is no surprise that their workstations are award winning!

These workstations can be used by gamers, students, and professionals alike, the models are fast, affordable, and reliable for your computing needs.

Echoed in their laptops too, solid high performing machines that can be used for business and on the go computing.

Workstations are the stallions of the computing world, stronger than any desktop and purposely built to be able to tackle any amount of complex data or intensive workload from Hollywood style animation and computer-generated imagery, to building the top games on the market, computer aided design (CAD), scientific analysis and are used for professional photography and video editing.

These workstations can cost anything from not much more than the average top desktop computer to the same price as a sports car or diamond ring.

From Lenovo’s epic beginnings with the Tianxi released in 1998 the company has grown further to offer hugely reliable workstations today.

A decade later, in 2008 Lenovo expanded its ‘Think’ brand to encompass workstations releasing ThinkStation S10.

These workstations were unmatched in their processing power and performance driven innovation giving them superior reliability as an advantage for any user.

In 2014 Lenovo released the P series workstations describing them as entry level workstations at a high computing level and were designed for industries like energy production, financial sectors, video editing, engineering, and architecture.


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