When was the last time you optimised your Microsoft Office 365 NCE licence?

With business costs soaring, staying on top of your software licences is essential. Microsoft Office 365 is no exception. And, following a move from ongoing monthly subscriptions to the New Commerce Experience (NCE) annual commitment in 2021, it’s easier than ever to overlook the finer details.

Without a review, you can easily find yourself significantly overspending on extra users, and products that you don’t even need — as your business continuously changes, so will your licencing needs.

However, as your licence comes up for renewal, there are some compelling reasons why you should be having a thorough review of your current landscape as your licence comes up for renewal, including:

  1. Cost optimisation: Are you getting the most out of your Office 365 investment? Over time, your organisation's needs can change. Without regular reviews, you may be paying for licences that are underutilised or misaligned with your current requirements. Our complimentary licence review ensures you're not overspending, and can potentially save you 10% or more on your annual costs.
  2. Security enhancement: Cyber security threats are ever evolving. As such, making continuous tweaks to bolster protection is crucial. Microsoft regularly updates Office 365 with new security features, meaning an in-depth licence review ensures your organisation is utilising the latest solutions, safeguarding your sensitive data, and staying ahead of potential risks.
  3. Compliance and audits: Compliance is a top priority for businesses, therefore correct licence utilisation should be continuously audited. A proactive review will identify any compliance gaps, meaning they can be addressed before they result in penalties or fines.
  4. Performance and productivity: Office 365 offers a myriad of features to boost your team's productivity. But, if you're not on the right plan, you might miss out on essential tools. Identifying opportunities for better feature utilisation is crucial to optimise licensing. For example, services like calling plans for Teams may be redundant, now Microsoft offers conferencing add-ons free of charge.
  5. Urgency: If your licence renewal is due soon, act now to make sure that your next annual commitment is fit for purpose, tailored to your changing needs, and as cost-effective as possible.

Why choose CloudCoCo for your licence review?

We offer competitive pricing guaranteed to beat most renewal quotes, potentially saving you 10% or more each year. Even if you ultimately decide not to partner with us, you can use our quote to negotiate reduced pricing with your current supplier — although we’re confident our pricing will win you over.

Our licence review service is fully free of charge, and we can also include complimentary, no-obligation security audits, so you can be confident your data and systems are as safe as possible.
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