Modern Mathematics

Modern Mathematics

It seems like every day there’s the news about another business that’s been hit with a cyber-attack that’s either damaged their reputation, incurred a fine or lost some customer data – and it’s only getting worse. Gone are the days when only big businesses were hit, even if you think you’re under the radar you’re still a target in this indiscriminate game of cat and mouse.

Whether organisations are experiencing ransomware attacks that impact business operations, finding ways to exfiltrate data or user credentials or experiencing impersonation emails that fraudulently steal money, the risks of your data being taken away are only increasing and it’s not a case of if, but when all organisations experience some level of impact or incident. For every announcement in the media, there are dozens of others that either don’t make the news or are unable to identify that a breach has even taken place. I mean, how would you know if someone was lurking on your network syphoning and taking away your data?

With this onslaught, the question that we’re asking our customers is; given the multiplication of cyber-attacks, what are you adding to your environment that is helping to prevent someone from taking away your data and making you another statistic?

It is a little surprising, given the plethora of media coverage that we’re exposed to, that in our many conversations with businesses, we continue to find they are still relying upon security protection measures that were perhaps effective 10 years ago, but that are not sufficient in the current landscape that we experience today. Many have not added to the ways that they protect their data which only increases the risk of someone taking it away.

At CloudCoCo we believe that each organisation should have a security foundation that mitigates them from traditional outside threats, whilst also protecting email traffic, ensuring they maintain control of their data, limiting outbound access to non-business-related content and improving the security of remote users.

There are many ways to approach this, from adding strategic solutions, to providing awareness training, or adding visibility measures to using automation or applying new processes. Each of these can mitigate the risks and leave you much more secure and able to identify threats and effectively respond to them.

It may well be that you’re not sure how to approach prioritising cyber threat management and just need to have a chat with someone about it. If that’s you, then CloudCoCo would welcome the opportunity to speak to you and help you to reduce your risk to the ever-multiplying number of threats that we’re all facing.

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