Analogue Calls & Lines

Top-of-the-line hardware, wiring and phone service, all in one spot, for a low monthly fee

Reliable. Cost-Effective. Hassle-Free.

Despite the inclination to move to internet-based business phones, VoIP phone systems aren’t the best fit for every business. For small to medium sized businesses across the UK looking for a phone system that controls costs and is easy to use and maintain, look no further than analogue calling and phone lines from CloudCoCo.

After learning about your office space and calling needs, we’ll quickly procure the phones and accessories you need, install the wiring and provide the dial tone service on the PSTN so you can get reliable, cost-effective calling as soon as you need it. Let us handle your phone service while you focus on running your business.

PSTN is a purpose-built network, designed and perfected for one thing: telecommunications.

With analogue calling and lines from CloudCoCo, you’ll enjoy:

Reliable calling that can withstand power outages and other hiccups

Highly private and secure connections

Excellent voice quality

Speedy setups and the ability to scale to support large traffic volumes

Easy-to-use systems that require almost no maintenance

Ongoing Savings of up to 20% with our low monthly fee and detailed cost analyses