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Choosing the right public cloud provider is becoming an increasingly nuanced discussion that goes well beyond scale.

We all know the large cloud players -- AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure -- but we advise based purely on your enterprise's needs. There is no ‘best’ type of cloud to use, as each business will have different requirements. The best route when deciding whether you need a Public, Private or Hybrid cloud is to sit down and decide exactly what you need from your providers, and what you are looking for in their services.

Balance the various pros and cons of each, and decide which is best for you. That said, you can rarely
go wrong with a Public Cloud due to its scalability and inexpensive set-up.


You can’t go over your limit

A public cloud has pretty much infinite space available. It’s a true pay-as-you-go model that requires no data centres or similar infrastructure.

Public clouds usually have more modern technology

Cloud providers have cloud provision as their sole business goal, and therefore their equipment is replaced very
regularly to remain competitive. Almost no other business is going to do that if the cloud is just a part of their larger business strategy because of the sheer cost alone. Therefore, you will always find new technology in the public cloud – often 100% designed from the ground up for that precise purpose.

Public clouds are more difficult to break into.

Public cloud providers who supply cloud service as their main ‘bread and butter’ tend to spend lots of money on security features to keep your data safe. Public clouds benefit from lots of security experience. Hackers are
constantly trying to get into public clouds, which is exactly why they are safe places to be. No-one deals with hackers better than public cloud providers, and they are well versed in resisting penetration.

Public cloud staff are all ‘techies’

In a private cloud environment, staff will have varying degrees of technical competency. In a public cloud
environment all staff are competent and knowledgeable, since the cloud is their main line of business.

Public Clouds undergo regular
penetration testing.

Penetration testing is a vital part of any ongoing security procedure, yet various private clouds never receive
penetration testing at anywhere near an acceptable level. Public clouds undergo this regularly.

Public Clouds are disaster-proof

Being able to rely on a supplier ‘come hell or high water’ is a popular saying, but sometimes high water can literally sink a data centre. Disasters of all sorts from data corruption to fire and flooding can destroy servers and the data on them.

With public clouds , these data centres are spread all over the world and so one single disaster cannot drive a wedge between you and your vital data.

Public clouds have low initial costs

Public cloud subscriptions cost little to set up, enabling individuals and companies to do it on a budget.

Short-term use of Public Clouds is more than possible

Public clouds can be hired quite literally by the hour. Do you need a short burst of big computing power to crunch numbers during some research?

Public Clouds all you to turn the servers up, conduct the test and then turn the server down to save money.

No maintenance, no upkeep

With no physical machines on site, public cloud users do not have to worry about the effort and cost of constantly maintaining machines, as well as dealing with outages.

Total customisation is possible

With a good public cloud provider, you should not be locked into fixed instance configurations, leaving you free to allocate exactly the CPU, RAM and Disk you need for each server.

Such control over aspects of usage means a lessened chance of bill shock and greater efficiency.



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